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10160 W 50th,

Wheat Ridge, CO

Wheat Ridge, CO

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*Consuming Raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.


DOS AMIGOS                                                                     $17.25

   Sautèed shrimp, scallops and mushrooms, in

   a red mild sauce.

CAMARONES RANCHEROS                                      $16.25

   Large shrimp sautèed with garlic butter,

   mushrooms and smothered with a delicious

   red sauce.

CAMARONES A LA DIABLA                                              $16.25

   Large shrimp sautèed in garlic spices and

   covered with a spicy red sauce.

CAMARONES EMPANIZADOS                                       $16.25

   Large shrimp slightly breaded and fried,

   garnished with a salad and special tartar


CAMARONES ARRIEROS                                                   $17.75

   Large shrimp sautèed in garlic sauce and

   spicy tomato sauce, with chunks of potatoes,

   vegetables and spices.

CAMARONES PORTUGUESES                                        $18.25

   Large shrimp wrapped with bacon and ham,

   stuffed with cheese smothered with our

   traditional creamy Portuguese sauce.

CAMARONES MEXICANOS                                             $17.25

   Large shrimp sautèed with onion, green

   peppers, mushrooms, herbs and spices,

   topped with Jack cheese, and garnished with

   avocado tomatoes. (No rice or beans)

CAMARONES HUACHIL                                                      $18.95

   Fresh shrimp, served with red onions,

   cilantro, lime, cucumber and carrots in a hot

   sauce. (No rice or beans)


SHRIMP COCKTAIL                                                      $15.95

   Mexican style shrimp cocktail, made with

   tomato juice, Ketchup, chopped tomatoes,

   onions, cilantro, and diced avocado, lime

   juice and spices, served with crackers. (No

   rice or beans)

CAMPECHANA COCKTAIL                                            $16.95

   Mexican style cocktail with shrimp, octopus,

   made with tomato juice, ketchup, chopped

   tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and diced

   avocado, lime juice and spices, served with

   crackers. (No rice and beans)



CAMARONES AL MOJO DE AJO                                    $16.25

   Large shrimp sautèed in garlic sauce, cooked

   with fresh mushrooms.

RELLENO MEXICANO                                                       $17.25

   Stuffed poblano pepper smothered with our

   special chipotle sauce, garnished with

   avocado slices. Choice of shrimp, grilled

   steak or grilled chicken.

CAMARONES CHIPOTLE                                                $16.25

   Shrimp cooked with fresh mushrooms, red

   and yellow peppers covered with our special

   chipotle sauce.

CAMARONES CON CREMA                                           $16.25

   Shrimp cooked in creamy sauce, mixed with

   green peppers, onions and mushrooms.

   Served over a bed of rice and Jack cheese.

   (No beans)

CAMARONES CULICHI                                                            $16.25

   Shrimp served in an authentic green creamy

   sauce made with poblano peppers, topped

   with mushrooms, spices and slices of

   “Poblano” peppers.

MARISCOS JAROCHOS                                                     $22.50

   Sautèed shrimp, octopus, scallops, crab legs,

   fish, calamari, mushrooms, and red sauce,

   served on a bed of rice, with jack cheese,

   garnished with a little salad. (No beans)

SEAFOOD CHIMICHANGA                                            $17.25

   Rolled deep fried flour tortilla stuffed with

   shrimp, and crab meat, onions & tomatoes

   and scallops, covered with creamy sauce.

CEVICHE*                                                                                    $17.95

   With your choice of shrimp or fish, cooked,

   with lime juice, cilantro, onions, tomatoes,

   carrots and cucumbers garnished with

   avocado and slices of orange. Served with

   tostadas. (No rice or beans)

PESCADO FRITO                                                                        $16.95

   Whole deep fried tilapia spices.

   Your choice of:

   - Al mojo de ajo

   - A la Diabla

   - Frito

FILLETE CHIPOTLE                                                                 $16.95

   Fresh fish fillet sautèed with garlic butter,

   smothered with a delicious chipotle sauce.

FILETE VERACRUZ                                                                  $16.95

   Fresh Tilapia fillet, sautèed and topped with

   our delicious “Veracruz” sauce, made with

   potatoes, hot red and spice chiles.

FILETE CULICHI                                                                       $16.95

   Fresh fish fillet served in an authentic green

   creamy sauce made with poblano peppers,

   topped with mushrooms, spices and slices of

   “Poblano” pepper. Delicioso!

TACOS DE PESCADO                                                             $16.95

   Soft corn tortillas filled with breaded fish,

   our homemade tartar sauce, and pico de gallo


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